Homeowner payday loan

Are you a homeowner and want to take out a payday loan? That works out well, the owner-occupied home helps you to negotiate a lower interest rate and makes more advantageous use of the credit. You can use the payday loan in the way you want. Buy a new kitchen, drive a nice new car or go on holiday with the whole family to relax. There are several options available, the personal homeowner loan provides a one-off amount that you can spend in the way you want. The fact that you have an owner-occupied home automatically leads to a lower interest rate on the loan.

Cheaper payday loan

Cheaper personal loan

The owner-occupied home offers the lender an important degree of extra security, regardless of whether there is surplus value. It is easier for homeowners to take out a payday loan, and you can count on a lower interest rate. At Fienatent we already ensure the lowest interest rate in the Netherlands, so that you as a homeowner with a payday loan can benefit twice. The high level of certainty thanks to the fixed interest rate and fixed duration also makes it easy to calculate the costs per month in advance.

payday loan with an owner-occupied home

Personal loan with an owner-occupied home

Take out a payday loan as a homeowner? Thanks to the owner-occupied home you can count on an extra competitive interest. The payday loan offers you the option of borrowing money once and then repaying it in pre-determined steps. The credit offers a high degree of clarity and certainty, so that you will not be confronted with surprises. The credit is comparable to a mortgage on which you make repayments from the outset, although in this case you are free to determine what you want to spend the available money on.

Request a free quote

Request a free quote

Curious about the possibilities of a payday loan as a homeowner? Do you have a goal in mind and do you need financial resources? Our advisers can indicate to you as the homeowner exactly what is possible with the payday loan, which interest rate is appropriate and to which monthly period this will subsequently lead. Send us a request online, contact us by phone or start a live chat. Our advisors can advise you free of charge and send you a free quote.

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