Cost Of Car Insurance Policy What Determines It?

As you know, not all car insurance has the same price. The cost of the policy depends largely on a series of points that qualify you as a good or bad driver as well as the scope of coverage and extraordinary services. Here we leave you the list of points that determine the price of your insurance.


Cost of auto insurance policy

Cost of auto insurance policy

Driving a car is a symbol of freedom, owning a car is a sign of independence and pay your insurance policy is a sign of your maturity and responsibility.

However, as a good adult you are, you must take into account all the variables, as well as the cost of your car policy.


Car insurance

Car insurance

Per year, the average of a policy is around 4800 pesos, however there are many factors for the cost of the policy that can decrease or increase this price. It is necessary that you have this type of contract that will be very useful in case you have an accident.


Points that determine the cost of the policy

car insurance

All the elements that affect the cost of the policy depend on a series of possibilities that are taken into account from the driver’s driving record.

There are insurers who strive to take into account all the components, others, let it pass and make you a different price accounting. Here I give you the points that are handled correctly and that are referring to the driver:

  • The driver’s history: no fines, no faults, no accidents. Everything is cheaper with a blank sheet.
  • The kilometers you drive: The more distance there is always more chance of an accident. Do you travel a lot with your car? Think well what policy you are going to request.
  • The use you give to your car: if you use your car as a means of school transport or to load with correspondence packages, then think well what policy you are going to ask for.
  • The driver’s place of residence is also analyzed.
  • Car storage place
  • Generalities of the driver such as: age and sex of the driver, the type of car and the insured credit




Before hiring your car insurance we recommend you take into account the following points:

  • You have to be aware of the needs that arise as a driver, the utility you give your car and your lifestyle.
  • As it is essential to have an insurance policy you must make a good decision about which one to purchase.
  • It would not be bad good advice from a specialist in each insurer

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