Payday loans at the client’s home

Payday loans are quick loans, the popularity of which is now really huge. This results, among others, from a very shortened, simplified loan decision making procedure. Lots of people wonder if you can get a payday loan by presenting not your ID card but driving license. If we do not have an ID card – […]

Do we only loan with ID? These are the ones you can access!

Have you been offered loans only with ID ? It seems unreal, right? But it’s not like that. Loans with ID only exist . These are instant loans made by banks without the need for many papers or collateral. These are some banks that offer you these types of loans: Super Cash This is offered […]

Do I fall into default if I only make the minimum payment of the credit card?

You may not know what happens when you only make the minimum credit card payment. If so, surely you want to know the consequences of this, and if it implies falling into default. You can clear your doubts by carefully reading this article.   What is the minimum credit card payment? The minimum payment is […]

Mortgage loans: bread for today, hunger for tomorrow

You really have to think about it long before taking out mortgage loans, given that a product purchased today, in the next 20 or 30 years, can become an unpaid debt. According to official measurements, in October 2008 the Credimash climbed to a maximum of 5.52%; added to more accessible differentials than the current ones, […]

Borrowing some extra money is no longer taboo.

Research by Outbank shows that about half of the 5,000 respondents had no basic knowledge about borrowing money. This group could name a few options for extra money, but often did not know the basic knowledge for budgeting. Other different studies show that many consumers are not so well aware of the types of borrowing, […]